Have you been denied a loan? Need prompt and flexible financing?

At Emory Funding, we instead look at the entire picture and how our loan can help the borrower meet their goals.

Reasons You Were Denied…

  • You are a foreign national with ZERO credit history in the United States
  • Low credit score or no history of mortgage payments
  • Low cash balance because your capital is invested in assets
  • Your project or company is new and doesn’t have an operating history
  • Difficult to prove income because you are an investor or foreign national
  • You did not meet the investment property guidelines based on mileage
  • You could not satisfy a loan condition

A Private Money Solution…

We fund loans with our own money so we can provide flexibility that banks cannot offer. It also allows us to respond quickly and fund loans when there is a deadline.

We don’t follow a rigid set of guidelines to qualify a borrower for a loan. We meet with borrowers directly and discover how to structure a loan that will be most beneficial to them.

Because we fund loans with our own money and a select group of lenders we are connected to the success of our borrowers. Unlike bank loans, our loans are never sold to another lender. We stay with our borrowers until the loan is repaid. Their success is our success.

Emory Funding Can be Your Answer!

Real estate investors need capital to reach their goals. We understand that not everyone fits into the same credit box. Some projects are risky and will be difficult to complete. We have a history of funding successful loans where others said no. The team at Emory Funding has the knowledge to help you.

Let's Get Your Loan Started

What is a hard money loan?

There is often confusion over this term. A private loan is one in which a private individual, investment group, partnership or investment trust finances or funds a loan. This differs from a traditional loan, which is funded or financed by a bank, commercial company or institutional lender. Private money loans and hard money loans are approved by an actual person and not a machine. The guide lines for bank loans tend to be written in stone while private money loans are more rule of thumb.  For this Reason the approval process for a hard money loan can take as little as an hour and the funds can be at escrow in a 5-7 days.

Emory Funding knows that private money loans are a vital alternative for many who own, buy, and invest in real estate properties. We offer a full range of private money options to our clients and do so in a sincere and professional manner. Whether you’re fresh out of a bankruptcy, purchasing an investment property, or just need to close fast, we are equipped to help you.

What are the guidelines?

Our hard money loan guidelines are straight forward and easy to understand.  We focus on the collateral value of the property and the borrower’s ability to repay the loan.  Typically we will lend up to 65% of the acquisition cost and market value as determined by an appraisal or by our evaluation model.  We structure hard money loans in Nevada for many different types of loan requests, including:

  • Residential investment
  • Commercial
  • Multi-Family
  • Construction
  • Fix and Flip
  • Foreign borrowers

What should I expect?

  • Rehab & Acquisition loans up to 65% loan to cost
  • Interest only payments with no prepayment penalty
  • No up-front or junk fees collected.
  • Same day pre-approval letters
  • Close in 5-7 days
  • No minimum credit score / we are a direct lender
  • We work with foreign nationals