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At Emory Funding, we work with various types of real estate investors. Our loans are tailored for investors with long term plans as well as investors looking to maximize profit with a short-term investment.

Your Private Money Solution

We close loans with our own funds and that allows us to move quickly. Because we have funded hundreds of loans we have the experience to fund the deals where other lenders say no.
Our underwriting is flexible.
Approvals are not based on minimum credit scores or DTI ratios.

Foreign Nationals

We fund loans to foreign nationals.
Loan approvals do not require a credit score or US tax return.

New Companies

New companies with no operating history can qualify for financing.
We require a personal guarantee from company owners.

What is a hard money loan?

A private money loan or hard money loan is one in which a private individual or their owned company uses their own money to fund a loan. This differs from a traditional loan usually done by a bank using their depositors’ money to fund a loan.

Hard money loans are approved by the individual lender instead of a loan committee. This is significant because it provides benefits to the borrower:

  • Flexible underwriting
  • Quick closings in 5 to 7 days
  • Interest only payments
  • Individualized loan terms

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Real estate investors need capital to reach their goals. We understand that not everyone fits into the same credit box. Some projects are risky and will be difficult to complete. We have a history of funding successful loans where others said no. The team at Emory Funding has the knowledge to help you.

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